Easy Patio Remodels to Match Your New or Upgraded Pool

Your pool is a popular gathering point during the summers in Phoenix, and upgrading it can make the space even more pleasant while also improving the value of your home. You can add features like tanning ledges or swim up bars, or you can just improve the look of your pool with glass tile or a stone deck.

If you are already upgrading your pool, you should also consider some patio remodeling to match. You’ll create a full entertainment center in your backyard, and you’ll get the look of a luxury resort in your own home. Just hire the right Phoenix home remodeling contractor to understand the best options and come up with the right design.

Easy Patio Remodels to Match Your New or Upgraded Pool

Here are a few easy patio remodels that would complement your pool that you might want to consider if you have a smaller space or a smaller budget:

Add Pavers

Mesa stone pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing you to create just about any look you want. By putting in a path or a patio of the right stone pavers, you can create a gorgeous new look for your patio. The more sophisticated the stone you choose, the more sophisticated the patio will look.

You can also add a walkway from your patio to your pool, helping to connect the two spaces with one design element. You just have to choose a stone that complements both your patio and your pool, or you have to commit to tearing up and replacing the patio and pool deck materials with that new stone.

Add Stairs

Not all pools are on the same level as the patio or even the rest of the back yard. You may have a slope to your landscaping that requires elements be installed in tiers. That might result in an awkward separation between your patio and your pool.

In addition to creating a paved walkway between your patio and pool, you may want to consider adding stairs leading up to your pool. The stairs can be stone to match your paved walkway, or they can be composite to match wood decking.

Consider Small Water Features

Your Phoenix backyard patio remodeling should really reflect what is happening in the rest of your yard, including your pool. With your pool remodel, you may have opted for water features like fountains, an infinity edge, or even a waterfall. You can mimic some of those features in your patio remodeling.

For example, you might put a small water fountain in the middle of your seating area, like you would a fire pit. Or you can put a small waterfall on the wall behind the patio bar. The options depend upon how large the patio is and what other features are already there.

Install a Mosaic

Mosaics are popular features for pool remodeling. They can reflect a water theme, or they can have just about any other design that you want. You are only limited by how much space you have for the mosaic. There is such a wide variety of stone, glass, and other material in all the colors and sizes you would need to create the design you want.

Why not match the mosaic on your patio? You can continue the theme on the wall behind your patio bar or even on the floor of the patio. Or you can choose smaller surface areas like your patio table or a bench. You can create the same mosaic design, or you can operate within the theme. For example, if you have a mermaid theme along the pool, you might include a trident, some shells, or some fish in the mosaics around the patio area.
Remodeling your pool or patio can improve the value of your properly greatly, not to mention what it can do for your own enjoyment of the space, whether you are relaxing after a long week at work or you are spending time with family and friends. Make the most of your remodeling efforts by ensuring that the design of your pool and the design of your patio complement one another.

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