Gilbert Backyard Art: Knife Edge and Infinity Pools

Gilbert Backyard Art: Knife Edge and Infinity Pools

Gilbert Backyard Art: Knife Edge and Infinity Pools

Learn more about the difference between infinity and knife-edge pools!
Gilbert, Arizona

A pool is a huge investment, but it is one that can add tremendous value to your Gilbert home. When you start talking to your Gilbert custom pool builder about your new pool, you should take full advantage of the opportunity you have and look beyond the standard pool designs. By choosing a unique design, you can make your home stand out, impressing your guests and improving the value of your home even more. Even if you already own a pool, you can consider pool remodeling to turn it into something special.

Two innovative designs are very popular right now: Knife-edge pools and infinity pools. Learn more about the difference between infinity and knife-edge pools!

Knife-Edge Pools

Knife-edge pools are designed to create a mirror-like look. The pool has four edges, like normal, but the water flows into a groove directly along the edge, which creates a flat and precise look at the top and sides of the pool.

Knife-edge pools are also called Lautner or perimeter pools. Though these pools have a beautiful look, they also require a high skill level to build, and they must be built on flat lots. If your lot is not flat, grading will be required, which will add another component to the work. Grading may extend the time and the cost for the project.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are also called vanishing edge, negative edge, and disappearing pools. With an infinity pool, one side is built slightly lower than the others so that the water can fall over the side. When these pools are built overlooking a cliff or are built on the side of a high-rise building, the water appears to be floating right to the edge of the horizon, creating a stunning look.

The challenge with infinity pools, like knife-edge pools, is that they require an advanced skill level to build. You have to find a Gilbert custom pool builder who has experience in creating these types of pools, specifically.

With both infinity pools and knife-edge pools, evaporation is more of a problem because of the way the pool is laid out and the way it drains. You also have to fill these pools differently than a standard pool, and some special maintenance may be required.
Backyard Pool Art
Despite the challenges of knife-edge and infinity pools, you simply cannot beat the look of these gorgeous and unique pools. True Blue Pools is a custom home builder with experience building these and other types of pools. We serve clients throughout Gilbert who are either looking to build a new pool or who just need pool remodeling. At our design center, you can pick out custom features, colors, surfaces and more to create the pool of your dreams. We’ll walk you through the benefits of the design choices and let you know what challenges there will be to maintaining certain types of pools. The result will be a pool that gives you maximum enjoyment and value. Call us today to learn more!

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