The Unofficial Guide to AZ Pool Water Slides

Adding a water slide to your Arizona pool can make it much more fun and give you more options for entertaining. Birthday parties will suddenly become much more exciting. You don’t have to have kids to get the benefits of a water slide. You may be surprised at how much adults love to slip down a twisty slide into the deep end.

Remodeling Your Scottsale Pool With A Water Slide!

You can explore the options with your custom pool builder to find a slide that matches the style of your pool and is appropriate for the ages of family members in your home. Before you take on your Scottsdale pool remodeling project, it’s important that you know a little bit about the different styles of water slides and the process of adding one.

Here’s your unofficial guide to Arizona pool water slides:

Patio Space

Adding a water slide is going to cut into your patio space. There is just no way around it. However, different styles will take up different amounts of room.

A traditional slide that shoots straight forward will take up more space since it had to be set back far from the pool. A slide that twists or bends around a corner will save you some space. You can even get a corkscrew slide that attaches to your second-floor balcony, which only takes up the width of the slide.

If you have a huge patio, space might not be an issue. However, most people will need to play around with the options to get the best slide in the least amount of space.

Standard v. Custom Slides

The two most popular styles of slides are straight slides and winding slides. These are easy to install and cost less money, and they will offer hours of fun.

If you want something a little different and your budget permits, you should consider a custom slide. There are a range of styles from which to choose, such as tunnel slides or waterfall slides. The slide can be created out of concrete or another material that mimics stone, and it can wind around a rocky mountain or planted area. Water features can be added to make it look like a waterfall.

These custom slides make your Scottsdale pool look much nicer, and they add more fun. Shooting through a dark tunnel into the water is more exciting than just slipping down a straightaway.


Adding a slide can be inexpensive if you choose a standard style without any extra features. However, a custom slide with landscaping and water features can be quite expensive.

If you can’t afford the slide you want right now, just know that you can finish your Scottsdale pool remodeling project and add the slide later. Your budget doesn’t have to prohibit you from getting the features you want for your pool. You just have to wait a little longer while you save.


A water slide is much easier to maintain than your pool, but you’ll still need to care for it to keep it free of mold and other issues. You’ll need to regularly clean your slide and make sure the coating is intact. When the coating starts to break down, it won’t be as slippery and the structure can start to break down, compromising its safety.

Slides made of concrete, stone and other materials may need additional care. You will need to talk with your Scottsdale custom pool builder about the required maintenance before you make your final slide selection.

If you are ready to explore your options for water slides for your pool remodeling project, True Blue Pools in Arizona is ready to help you. True Blue Pools is an experienced and custom pool builder, and our contractors have built hundreds of unique and stylish water slides. We’re ready to help you find the perfect slide to enhance your pool and fit your budget. Contact us today to learn how adding just this one feature can totally transform your pool.

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