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If you live in Buckeye and want a new pool or spa or need to have work done on one you already have, True Blue Pools is ready to help. We have licensed, bonded, and insured workers and designers who can do the best job on pools in Arizona. They can do anything from infinity pools to lap pools, to islands, mosaics, and swim-up bars. There are plenty of features that you can add on, like LED lights. Contact us today!

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  • Has been in business for 30 years

  • Five star rated on Yelp, BBB and Google

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  • Strict quality control practices over all aspects of the construction and remodeling of our customers projects

Swimming Pool Design Experts For All Types Of Pools:

Unique Pool Designs & Construction

Re-Build Your Tile Pool Interiors

Are you interested in having the interior of your pool re-built? We can do that for you. Our qualified workers will make your pool look brand new after they have finished re-tiling the interior. You will be stunned at how different it looks compared to the old one. You will instantly want to go swimming after you see our 5-star rated work. Check out our stellar reviews on sites like Yelp! and Google Maps.

Re-build Your Tile Pool Interiors In Buckeye
Custom 3D-Pool Design Illustrations In Buckeye

Custom 3D-Pool Design Illustrations

You don’t have to imagine what your pool or spa will look like when you hire us at True Blue Pools. We will create a 3-D image of it and show you. Trust our skilled pool designers to come up with exactly what you want. Our highly-trained workers will then install the new pool or spa. The results will speak for themselves. Are you ready to experience your new pool?

Best Zero Edge Infinity Pool Builders In Buckeye

There is just something mesmerizing about looking at a zero edge infinity pool. It seems like the water stretches on forever. Our pool builders can renovate or install a new one on your Buckeye residence. The finished product will be a thing of beauty, and you will be able to appreciate its beauty with your guests while swimming or lounging by it. Contact us today to get things started!

Luxury Zero Edge Infinity Pool Builders In Buckeye
Custom-Built Lap Pools For Your Backyard Dimensions In Buckeye

Lap Pools Custom Built For Your Backyard Dimensions

Do you want an excellent way to exercise without hurting your bones or your joints? A lap pool is the answer. You can swim laps while enjoying the beauty of the Buckeye air. We will send our reputable workers over to examine the area and then they will install your new lap pool. Soon, you and your family will be enjoying the pool. Contact True Blue Pools today!

Swimming Pool Remodeling For All Pool Sizes And Shapes

Arizona has homes of all sizes and shapes. It makes sense that there are also a lot of pools that come in different sizes and shapes. At True Blue Pools, we have seen many different Buckeye pools over the decades and can adapt to anything. Contact us and our dedicated workers will come take a look at your pool and tell you what needs to be done.

Swimming Pool Remodeling For All Pool Sizes And Shapes In Buckeye

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Client Testimonials

5-Star Rated Pool Building Company In Buckeye

The team True Blue used were amazing.. Hard workers, communicative, and high quality from redoing the pebbletec (or pebblesheen) retiling, travertine and everything else needed. Would highly recommend.

Rik D.

Had my pool remodeled a few days ago and I have to say it’s never looked better. Our pool was not bad looking, but now it’s fantastic! My whole backyard has a completely different feel to it. 100% recommended!!

Michael L.

I too was skeptical of contracting out my pool remodel to someone I didn’t know personally. Terry and his crew not only did an excellent job, they did everything they promised in a timely manner. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Can I give more than 5 stars?

Matt L.

Experienced Buckeye Pool & Spa Builders

Affordable Prices For Pool & Spa Build And Remodels

Getting a new pool or having one remodeled is no small thing. They can be expensive. At True Blue Pools, we offer pools and spas for prices that are favorable to other pool companies in Arizona. Our prices are very reasonable.

Top Consultation For Spa And Pool Design In Buckeye

Top Consultation For Spa & Pool Design

When you hire someone for a pool consultation, you want people who are experienced and know exactly what to do. We have those people at True Blue Pools. They will come to your Buckeye property and answer any and all questions.

Licensed Pool Layout & Excavation Contractors In Buckeye

Licensed Pool Layout & Excavation Contractors

Having a pool installed is no small feat. It takes a lot of layout and planning. Our expert workers will do a thorough job with the layout and design of your pool. They will figure out the best solution just looking at your property.

Expert Swimming Pool Plumbing Services In Buckeye

Expert Swimming Pool Plumbing Services

Even if you are very careful with your pool, things can happen and you will wind up needing plumbing help. That’s where our expert pool workers can come in and fix things.

Quality Steel & Rebar Installation In Buckeye

Quality Steel & Rebar Installation

You need steel and rebar to support your pool. Our qualified, licensed, bonded, and insured workers will do the job right the first time. Contact us today!

Guaranteed Electrical Installation & Inspection In Buckeye

Guaranteed Electrical Installation & Inspection

You do not want any mistakes made when it comes to electric installation for your pool. Our workers are very thorough when they do this and your pool will be safe.

Experienced Shotcrete Applications In Buckeye

Experienced Shotcrete Applications

Shotcrete is concrete that basically is shot out of a hose. Our workers are experts at doing this and they will do a fantastic job of laying out the concrete.

Expert Decking Design And Placement In Buckeye

Expert Decking Design And Placement

Having your pool designed and set up is one thing. You also want the perfect pool deck and have it placed just the way you want it. We can do that.

Buckeye's Top-Rated Waterline & Tilework Installers

Buckeye’s Top-Rated Waterline & Tilework Installers

Pool tilework is an art form in of itself. Our licensed, bonded, and insured workers from True Blue Pools are artists, then, since you will love the results of their work with tiles and waterline.

Pool Interior Finish & Final Inspection In Buckeye

Pool Interior Finish & Final Inspection

Like most other types of work, it’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish. That is our motto too at True Blue Pools. We will carefully look over our work and make sure it is excellent.

Pool & Spa FAQ

One thing that kept some people from buying a pool in the past is the fear of how much work would go into keeping it clean. That is not the case with modern pools. You can automate so many things, including checking chemical levels, the filtration, and cleaning the bottom. There will be a lot less time working on the pool and more of it actually swimming in it.
We can do extra features as long as it is within reason and that the pool is not too far along. Otherwise, there is the risk of having to possibly tear up old work and do more work overall. That can be both expensive and time-consuming. Be sure to try to talk about everything you want to when first consulting with us.
You first have to pay two fees. The first is to have the property inspected to make sure that it is possible to have a pool there. There might be things like a hill that make it hard. The other is to get a permit to actually build the pool. Your homeowner’s association will want that. Then you can go have your pool made.
This depends on what type of pool you want to have made and how big you want it to be. You could be looking at anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 or more. Be sure to discuss everything you want done so that you will not be surprised later. At True Blue Pools, we are very open to discussing our prices.
How long you have to wait for your pool depends on what kind you are having made, how big it is, and what extra features you are adding. A regular concrete pool usually takes about six weeks. You won’t be thinking about how long you waited when you are swimming in your new pool. Our trustworthy workers will tell you how long it will likely be.
One thing you have to worry about with some pool companies or any company, for that matter, is that if you get a warranty from them and they go out of business, you are out of luck if something happens. That will not be the case with us. Which is why we offer our warranties with confidence. Check us out today!

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